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We are two brothers whom are fourth generation carpenters with an avid passion for woodworking. In our young careers, we’ve been able to apprentice with some of the finest craftsmen around.  While attending university we both apprenticed to get a skilled trade to perfectly pair with our Construction Management degrees. After a couple of years working in custom homes we decided we’d open our own custom carpentry business once we were ready and achieved our bachelors degree.


During our apprentice stage of our careers we worked in very large custom homes with many different designers and architects.  Those projects were the epitome of custom carpentry; and being to able learn effective ways of communication and elite design were the practical experiences that got us ready to start our company so early on and with the confidence we have.


We started our company in 2017, and although our years of experience may not be anything to boast about, we let our attention to detail and ability speak for itself on the jobsite. We pride ourselves in making the most of the opportunities we are given being the young craftsmen we are, but we can assure satisfaction in any job we take on.

salvatore loduca

Passionate about design, he has helped the company go from strength to strength and continues to nurture its growth.

domenico loduca

From a traditional Graphic Design, Richard brings a wealth of design know-how and experience to the team.

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quality craftsmanship